Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Out Of Head Experience

This summer when wasted in a field, you need to prepare yourself to experience everything that's in your head falling out and floating around you.

Nope - no-one's slipped you an evil herbal high, the chances are you've stumbled into NOVAK's 360 degree 3D disco.

The DJ/art collective have been hitting their 3D club nights across the UK (including their pre-Chems show in Trafalgar Square), where virtual visuals are beamed behind the bands and DJs, but they're taking it to whole new levels with their new show.

The 360 degree 3D set takes you through a whistlestop tour of fads from the Lichtenstein 50's right through to the Amstradtastic 80's. On top of this, massive winking eyes, kicking legs and strange heads fade in, out and right around your line of vision, making it a much better clubbing experience than staring a fat guy spinning tunes in a booth.

NOVAK are taking it to Glastonbury this summer as well. Just a gentle warning for those close to the edge when you find it.

Wild Horses

This is one of loveliest songs I've heard in a while:

It's by a French/German duo called Appaloosa, who were in London to play a tiny show in Selfridges last week. I think Anne-Laure's Nico-esque act was a little lost on the hoards of Middle-Eastern women loading up on expensive teapots and towels, though.

She looked super cool in a sequined, vintage minidress on stage but told me she had been very close to flashing us a few times. I think the crowd were more shocked by her merman companion though.

Friday, 8 May 2009

'SUP Mag issue 19 release party

Yeah, Wednesday's probably a leeetle early to start the weekend's downward spiral, but when the line up's this good, who are you to deny it?

'SUP Mag are taking over central boite Maddox on Wednesday 13th, and bringing crates of fun in the shape of Nadia Ksaiba (Our Disco/Say Yes!/*GIRLCORE*), Andy Blake (Dissident), punctuation fascist Stopmakingme (Kill 'Em All) and Oli Isaacs (This Is Music) to fire electro bullets of joy into your hearts.

8.30 - late. Come down before 10pm, free booze!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Hello Lenin

You can't keep a good party don down. Gary Fairfull, the guy behind art/music/immense nighttime fuckery venue Found, has opened up a new pop-up venue in Shoreditch this week.

Lenin's Promise feels a little bit like someone's front room (anyone say HOUSE PARTY?) and Gary's employed the talents of Le Gun to design Edgar Allan Poe/Russian inspired wall panels to balance against the windows, keeping the party firmly locked down inside. 

Poet Murray Lachlan Young was due to perform when we dropped by, and there's some almighty sounding Latino night going down tonight, complete with 9 piece brass band.

We're planning a 'SUP Party there later this month - will keep you posted with details....