Friday, 27 February 2009

"It's Not A Party Til You've Puked"

Rex The Dog packed them in at the Star last night, which unfortunately also meant a hoard of over-enthusiastic European dancers with no concept of personal space.

Still, how could you sit still when he was banging out his classic tracks like Prototype, Circulate and the still euphoria-inducing remix of Heartbeats? He packed in just over an hour of electro greatness AND threw in Ghostbusters and The Beastie Boys as well, which, in my books is pretty much the best ever set heard in Bethnal Green.

The party was for the launch of his new single, Bubblicious, and included Dog Shake cocktails (vodka, kahlua, milk and marshmallows, if you want to try it at home). The man (dog...machine) should be made some sort of MBE for services to electro noises and small dogs and you should be listening to him daily.

Here's his new video just to re-affirm his awesomeness.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fashion Fall Out

Jesus. Seems like ankle scaffolding an/or plaster casts are going to be the hot looks for Autumn/Winter if PPQ's after party was anything to go on Sunday night.

Vertiginous heels that would have had mere mortals floored left the models either clutching on to the bannisters of Cafe De Paris or firmly planted in one spot for the night.

The dancing was obviously stilted as a result when The Noisettes played (yes, them that do this annoying one) but liquid lubrication was provided by granny's favourite, Harvey's Bristol Cream, the 'flavour of 2009' apparas....hmmmmm.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dog Off A Leash

WOOF! Have just heard Rex The Dog (the only canine DJ you need to know about) is back and doing a free little party at the Star in Bethnal Green on Thursday from 7. This is causing immense excitement. Mid-week free electro joy, lovely.

Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, Put Your Hands All Over My Body

It was the launch party of 'Simply Madonna: Materials From The Girl' exhibition at the Truman Brewery on Friday night.

Remember that awful waxworks world in like, Great Yarmouth, where all the 'famous' figures looked like they'd been left by a radiator but retrieved just before their features hit the floor? It was a bit like that, but with fiercer clothing.

All her classic gear was there, including the amazing Material Girl dress, the conical bra and all her Evita threads, which were probably the best of the lot. Shame the mannequins looked like they'd spent the last decade in a Mile End cut-price clothing store. Jodie Harsh was lapping it up.

Worth dropping by if you're a massive Madonna fan, but a tenner entry is pretty steep.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Condemned to a month chained to the sofa, January really only had one appeal: the return of the Flight of the Conchords. 

But apparently HBO's website wasn't keen on non-Stateside fans getting a preview of the Kiwi boys, leaving me reduced to watching the first few shows in 10 minute, grainy batches on YouTube. A couple of 'meh'-funny episodes I began to think it wasn't worth jumping on my neighbour's wifi for.

But WAIT. Michel Gondry directed last week's show, resulting in not only one of the best songs this season (or ever?) but also featured Brett as a human amp, shiny disco (mans) balls and the line 'the only boobs I'll see will be made from origami'.

On repeat, forever.