Friday, 27 February 2009

"It's Not A Party Til You've Puked"

Rex The Dog packed them in at the Star last night, which unfortunately also meant a hoard of over-enthusiastic European dancers with no concept of personal space.

Still, how could you sit still when he was banging out his classic tracks like Prototype, Circulate and the still euphoria-inducing remix of Heartbeats? He packed in just over an hour of electro greatness AND threw in Ghostbusters and The Beastie Boys as well, which, in my books is pretty much the best ever set heard in Bethnal Green.

The party was for the launch of his new single, Bubblicious, and included Dog Shake cocktails (vodka, kahlua, milk and marshmallows, if you want to try it at home). The man (dog...machine) should be made some sort of MBE for services to electro noises and small dogs and you should be listening to him daily.

Here's his new video just to re-affirm his awesomeness.

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