Sunday, 22 March 2009

I'll pencil it in the diary, yeah? Email me to confirm, yeah?

Until you’ve worked in an office, you'll never truly understand the soul-crushing manner in which you’re expected to conduct your day-to-day life.

‘The Meeting’ is a new theatre show at Invisble Dot theatre, Camden, by two of the guys from the brilliant The Inbetweeners (seriously, why don’t more people watch this?). You actually sit round the boardroom table while your ‘bosses’ lead a company meeting that’s so well-observed it basically makes you want to bore your eyes out with the biro in front of you.

The show is full of the cringing mannerisms that senior management employ, seemingly unaware that it makes them look like utter dicks. Slideshows pictures of the company’s ‘Robin Hood away day’, over-stressed points about the whereabouts of a manager’s mug (“It’s blue and white checked, I brought it from home. Someone must have seen it?”) and a blazing row with the obtuse IT guy make you want to weep for the 9 to 5ers.

But thank fuck you’re not one of them.

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