Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lights Kamera ACTION

Topshop's new music experience Topman CRTL kicked off last night in Hoxton with Metronomy at the helms.

By helms, I mean they 'curate' the night by selecting a couple of bands they like the sound of for our pleasure.

Your Twenties opened and were an average preppy indie-pop band. So far, so blah. What we weren't expecting was Kamerakino.

Like a Germanic version of The Commitments and with a lead singer who looked like a younger, prettier version of Shane McGowan the audience stopped dead in their Topshop tracks as the lead singer announced "Ello, we're from Munich" in a thick brogue. The guy in front of me whispered "Er, he's joking right? They can't be for real?"

Turns out they were. They started their nu-folk attack armed with violins, keyboards and a shouty Munichian front man. And they were AMAZING. Finger of Love had the wacky keyboard girl dancing around, led by said finger and their follow up tracks got everyone dancing, albeit with a bemused grin on their faces.

Munich - the new music revolution.

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